A new apparel brand made for our Veteran Community by Veterans.  Let's #MakePOGsGreatAgain

What is a POG?

Pog(n) "p'Oh'g'"

1. A service member in any branch of the military that does not hold a masculine and dangerous combat occupation, often found posing for pictures exhibiting weapons in front of heavily secured fast food restaurants on fortified bases that are never engaged by actual enemy forces.

2. A cowardly, unmanly nancy-boy that yearns to be an elite soldier but lacks all talent and bad-assedry required to live up to being an infantryman. Often associated with hurt feelings, insecurity, fear and jealousy. Pog's typically can be spotting by their Combat Action Badge (Knife within a wreath), given most exclusively for imaginary attacks and fighting occuring miles away.

3. Acronym for "Person Other than Grunt", synonymous to terms fobbit and tockroach."SPC Brown and his pog buddies take pictures of each other holding weapons they've never fired and do not know how to use"

"Did you see that AAFES in Bagram?", "Yes, it was filled with fat, ugly pogs."

"Why would any man be a pog when he could become an actual soldier, like a rough and tumble, bad ass infantryman?"

Urban Dictionary


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About this project

As a disabled veteran that struggles daily with major depressive disorder, I have found laughter more therapeutic than any medication the VA has prescribed me. Discharged allows me to create "Homedy" (holistic comedy) for my brothers and sisters who may also be in need of a laugh. ~Creator, Jas Boothe


After discharging from the military due to PTSD, Former Marine Axel had given up on finding employment until he landed a multi-million dollar contract as a Hollywood Stuntman. Remembering his oath to never leave a fallen comrade, Axel employs his closest friends (also veterans) as part of his management team and they all head off to Hollywood in search of their next chapter.

But what looks like a smooth transition soon turns into a challenge as the shenanigans of the team prove difficult for their quiet suburban neighborhood and all of Hollywood to swallow. The fines they rack up in home owner association violations alone have been rivaled to the Mega Millions Jackpot. Insert characters: Axel, a serial monogamist who has made the word f#ck a household name and open carries his 50 Cal to the grocery store. Major, Axel’s bodyguard and former Military Officer who was convicted of but later pardoned for double murder. Jesus (pronounced Hey Zeus), Axel’s agent and an iron-jawed no nonsense ex-drill sergeant who is known for his uncontrolled outbursts and basic-training flashbacks. Brandon is Axel’s best friend, former Airman, personal assistant and the resident POG (person other than grunt).

Discharged places military veterans into hilarious civilian situations. Infused with dark humor, patriotism, pop culture and VA medication, Discharged will be an animated comedy about the 1%, that soon becomes the new animated series that the 99% tunes in to watch! What’s even better about the main cast is that they will be voiced veterans.


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Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated, and Very, Very POG.